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As the continuation of the activities of artist Kizito MIHIGO, KMP Foundation its determined programs are mainly based on the artworks of Kizito MIHIGO, and always contribute to the source of revenues stream of the foundation to continue implementing his activities and preserving the legacy.  The following are the source of revenues of the foundation. 

Artwork Revenue Stream

Support us through using, sharing songs of our dearest Kizito MIHIGO. Subscribe on his music Tube channels 

  1. All about Kizito Mihigo:
  2. Kizito Mihigo:


The KMP foundation has and will continue to get some partners that will support some of the activities.  Also, KMP foundation expects more donations and financial support from different people, Kizito’s fans and partners 


The KMP Foundation requests funds from peopleand non-profit organizations whose remit and responsibilities correspond to the objectives of the KMP foundation in order to get the budget that will be used in it programmed the activities

Tender Submission

The KMP Foundation will bid on different bids from private and public institutions, governments, international organizations for the same purpose of raising funds that will be used to run the activities of the foundation.

Membership Fees:  Each year, in order to contribute to the realization of the Foundation's project activities, each member of the KMP Foundation will be contributing a regular amount.